Carter International Consulting (CIC) is owned and operated by Shari Carter. Shari provides her support online as well as in person. However she does travel internationally for more personalized special needs. Shari is well versed and educated in all areas of Special Education. She has worked internationally as a special education teacher, a Learning Center Principal, a behavior specialist, a speech and language therapist, a school administrator and a consultant. With over a decade of experience, she has received international acclaim for helping learners of all ages tap into their inner potential to overcome educational challenges.

Today, she works directly with children, adolescents, adults and their families through Carter International Consulting. Shari provides special education services that include children and adults of all ages. She believes in involving the family, schools, etc., in her individualized approach. With headquarters in the USA, as well as globally, Shari is able to serve her multicultural clients through the internet and telecommunication, as well as in private practice in person. Not restricted by geography, Shari travels extensively and naturally includes her insights of different cultures along with a holistic and tailored approach to learning difficulties. Shari is able to work on several areas of special needs at the same time and help persons with learning disabilities, speech-language disabilities, and behavioral disorders to succeed to the their full potential.

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Shari Carter - Learning, Language and Behavior Specialist
Shari has worked with over 50 different nationalities