Shari Carter, founder of Carter International Consulting (CIC), is an internationally-acclaimed speech-language, behavioral and learning specialist with more than a decade of experience helping learners with disabilities of all ages realize individual strategies that work specifically for their learning style. With this approach, they can overcome educational as well as life challenges, and learning and behavioral disabilities.  Shari offers online private therapy, as well as therapy in person (when meeting “in person” is an option for the client).

American born and educated, Shari received a B.S. in Speech & Hearing Science from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign in 1988 and a M.S. in Special Education,k-12, from the University of Oregon. Shari received the university's graduate award for Outstanding Graduate Student. Shari has continued to stay current in the areas of learning and language disabilities as well as behavior and emotional disorders by adding on additional classes and workshops, and has accumulated over thirty-two hours of post-graduate credit beyond her Master's Degree. Ms. Carter has a current Oregon Teaching Certificate k-12 in Special Education, a Learning Disabilities Endorsement and minored in Emotional Disorders and Behavior Management. Her effective teaching strategies, knowledge of various learning styles and efficient techniques for behavior disorders have proven successful. Shari focuses on the strengths of her clients, and builds on their abilities from there. Her school-wide and family support is based on positive approaches.

Over the past thirteen years, Shari has served diverse children, adolescents, college-aged persons, adults and their families in several capacities. As a special education teacher and coach, Shari has taught and trained in the areas of learning disabilities, behavior problems, and speech-language disabilities. She has also has worked extensively with over 50 different nationalities as a Special Education Teacher, Learning and Behavioral Specialist, Speech-Language Therapist, Head of Special Services, School Administrator, a Counselor and a Consultant.

Today, Shari is the principal consultant for Carter International Consulting. As a private therapist, consultant and coach, she works with children and families to assess and treat educational and home-based difficulties and disabilities. She is able to assess and set a holistic program that involves all areas of need at the same time (e.g., Learning, language, ADHD, behavior disabilities are involved in each session, whenever it is necessary).


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Shari Carter is also available for teacher and parent training , for learning and behavior disabilites