“Anyone who knows Shari comes to realize that she is an extraordinary individual.  I can’t speak highly enough regarding her talents and achievements.  Her positive attitude about life and people is contagious.  She draws children and people to her through respect, integrity, decency, caring and being proactive in life.”

Dennis Bissmeyer, Director of Special Services
America School

“It was a joy to watch Shari bring learning to life.  I truly give her an excellent recommendation.  If you have an opportunity to hire Shari in your district, I encourage you to jump at the chance.”

Len Arney, Director of Secondary Education
Springfield Public Schools
Springfield, Oregon

“After Shari came to Hamlin Middle School, I received many positive comments from both parents and students for Shari’s teaching abilities.  Shari built a very successful program that earned her high praise. “

Roger S. Jordon, Principal
Hamlin Middle School
Springfield, Oregon

I have had the pleasure of working with Shari for several years.  I have referred several clients to her for private therapy/coaching. Shari’s reliability, consistency, willingness to take on difficult tasks, and excellent rapport with kids and parents are her particular strengths. I am pleased to recommend her to work with any child with a speech-language, behavior, or learning difficulty.”
Abier Barbary
Counselor and Psychologist
American University in Cairo
Cairo, Egypt.

As a teacher for several years, I have never seen anyone work the magic that Shari works with children and teenagers.  I have seen her completely transform individuals for the better, in the warmest and most dignified ways.  Shari is definitely my mentor and role model and Shari has taught me so much in the field of education, teaching strategies, and beyond.

Rena Sassi
International Schools in Egypt and American University of Cairo
Cairo, Egypt

“Shari also demonstrates a hard working attitude outside the classroom.  She readily volunteers to work on schoolwide projects and provides private therapy on a consistent basis… has written a comprehensive handbook of proceducres and practices, has begun to write curriculum and selected new materials for the department.  Shari’s hard work, positive attitude, and boundless energy will be missed.”
Dr. Monica Medina-Olds
International School of Kenya
Nairobi, Kenya

“Shari’s cooperating teachers were impressed with her teaching skills, learner outcomes and dedication.  Those qualities make Shari an excellent candidate for teaching.  I highly recommend her without reservation for any teaching position.”

Katie Hynes-Petty, Adjunst Instructor and University Supervisor, University of Oregon, Department of Special Education, Eugene, Oregon


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